I would recommend this to any peer who would like to start their education.

MB Carandang, MD, DSBPP, Psychiatrist, Philippines

The course by the APTN is an excellent introduction to the Trans Health Care. It is comprehensive and easy to understand. The reflections make for immediate application and reinforcement. I would recommend this to any peer who would like to start their education.

Learnt very useful information

Dr Jayan Man Shrestha. Plastic Surgeon. Nepal

The module was very well structured and covered almost all topics related to transgender health. Learnt very useful information. Thank you.

Timely & Informational

Vashti Rebong, Philippines

"The development of this transgender module is very timely. The module answers most, if not all, of the questions that our local healthcare providers usually ask us, given the lack of local trans health information and resources. I believe this module will also be really helpful to trans persons seeking information for personal health."

Breaking down norms in medical practice

"The Asia Pacific Trans Health and Rights module is very helpful guide for primary healthcare providers in providing gender affirming care. I appreciate how it clarifies a lot of misinformation and biases against trans and queer health that has existed and accepted as a 'norm' in medical practice! I look forward on how this impacts trans communities in Asia Pacific!"


Izo S. Hernandez, Philippines

This Transformative Healthcare module will be a game changer in the Asia pacific countries especially once adapted to medical schools. This module can remove the hesitations and concerns of trans individuals in the hospital sector which literally can save thousands of lives.

Dr. Thaddy Averilla, Internist, Philippines

Very comprehensive content. Useful clinical information.


4 star rating

Very informative and consise

Mathew Densil

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